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Umami - the taste of Japanese snacks

The term umami comes from Japanese and describes the taste that is described as "spicy" or "meaty". This flavor can be found in many Japanese snacks and contributes to their distinctive taste.

An example of an umami-flavored snack is the traditional Japanese snack food takoyaki. These small snacks consist of a dough ball filled with small pieces of fried squid and served with a special sauce and cheese. The taste of fresh squid combined with the spicy sauce and cheese creates an explosion of umami flavor in your mouth.

Another example of an umami-flavored snack is the popular Japanese snack Okaki. These snacks are made from toasted rice flour and are often seasoned with various spices such as bonito flakes and seaweed paste. The taste of roasted rice combined with the spices creates a distinctive umami taste.

A special snack in Japanese cuisine is the snack umaibo. It is a toasted and seasoned puffed rice snack that comes in a variety of flavors. The taste is very intense and reminiscent of umami.

The umami taste is becoming increasingly popular not only in Japan, but also in Germany. More and more delicatessens and online shops are offering Japanese snacks with an umami flavor. So you can also enjoy this unique taste in this country.

Overall, the umami taste is an important part of Japanese snacks and contributes to their popularity. It offers a welcome change from traditional sweet or salty snacks and lets us discover the diversity of Japanese cuisine. Once you've tried the umami taste, you won't forget it.