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Monster Energy Ultra Paradise (Japan) 355ml

Monster Energy Ultra Paradise (Japan) 355ml

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Monster Energy Ultra Paradise (Japan) is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a refreshing yet healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. The refreshing lemonade from Japan impresses with a unique mix of tropical fruits and a sugar-free formula. Try Monster Energy Ultra Paradise (Japan) today and experience the full charge of refreshment!

Ingredients: Ginseng root extract (manufactured in America), L-carnitine L-tartrate, Na chloride, guarana seed extract/citric acid, carbonic acid, citric acid Na, preservative (benzoic acid Na), L-arginine, fragrance, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), caffeine , emulsifier, niacin, stabilizer (gum arabic), pantothenic acid Ca, inositol, vitamin B6, color (yellow 4, blue 1), vitamin B12

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